B&H Worldwide Facilitates Time-Critical Aircraft Engine Logistics for T’Way Air

B&H Worldwide successfully facilitated the urgent movement of two CFM56 aircraft engines for T’Way Air, a South Korean low-cost carrier.

SINGAPORE, April 8, 2024 – B&H Worldwide, a leading provider of aviation and aerospace logistics solutions, successfully facilitated the urgent movement of two CFM56 aircraft engines for T’Way Air, a South Korean low-cost carrier.  

The engines were originally shipped from Seoul to Singapore for routine servicing at ST Engineering Aerospace Engine Centre. B&H Worldwide partnered with BTL Global Logistics, who appointed B&H to manage the movement within Singapore.

T’Way Air encountered an unexpected situation requiring the immediate return of one of the serviced engines due to a bird strike that grounded an aircraft. The engine was ready for collection on Monday evening and needed to be delivered to Incheon Airport (ICN) by Wednesday.

Due to regulations, Korean Airlines only ships dangerous goods out of Singapore once a week, on Fridays. B&H Worldwide worked diligently to expedite the process. They collaborated with ST Engineering Aerospace Engine Centre to confirm the engine had been purged of flammable liquids and obtained an official non-regulated declaration. This crucial step allowed B&H Worldwide to secure a last-minute spot on a Korean Airlines flight for Wednesday, meeting T’Way’s tight deadline.

B&H Worldwide’s expertise in engine handling and understanding of relevant regulations ensured the swift and cost-effective movement of both engines. T’Way Air was able to receive their engines on schedule and avoid additional charges associated with dangerous goods classification.

“We are extremely grateful for the exceptional support provided by B&H Worldwide during this urgent situation,” said James Lim, Powerplant Engineer at T’Way Air. “Their quick thinking and logistics expertise ensured our grounded aircraft was back in operation as soon as possible, minimizing disruption to our schedule.”

“B&H Worldwide’s seamless collaboration throughout this process was instrumental in a successful outcome,” added H.G. Kim, CEO at BTL Global Logistics. “Their understanding of the intricacies of aircraft engine logistics and their ability to navigate challenges made them the perfect partner for this time-sensitive operation.”

“B&H Worldwide’s vast knowledge and specialization in engine handling provided T’Way with peace of mind throughout the entire process,” commented David Wong, Station Manager in Singapore at B&H Worldwide. “We are committed to delivering efficient solutions and exceeding client expectations, and this project exemplifies that commitment.”

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