FirstTRAC is our proprietary inventory management platform providing customers total control and visibility.


FirstTRAC comes from 33 years of working in collaboration with our aviation & aerospace logistics customers.

End-to-end logistics

It is a global operating system for end-to-end logistics management and connects B&H Worldwide’s operations teams with customers through near real-time operational and data sharing functionality, starting at the point an order is raised, through to post shipment reporting and analysis.

Real-time visibility

FirstTRAC provides real-time visibility of static inventory, orders in process, detailed event-based transport progression and online access to transport documentation.

B&H FirstTRAC system

Adding value to our aero customers supply chain

FirstTRAC adds value to our customers supply chain through in-depth visibility, proactive milestone management, highly intuitive task execution and systems automation, featuring:

  • Optimise inventory holding costs
  • Automated order execution
  • Greater inventory visibility across multiple locations
  • Control of order repair management
  • Data driven decision making
  • Smarter way to service customers’ demands

Carbon SmartTRAC

Carbon SmartTRAC is our cloud-based analytical dashboard providing customers with total visibility of carbon emissions on their shipments


Carbon SmartTRAC was developed with a deep understanding of CO2e equivalent emissions of air routes combined with our aviation & aerospace logistics experience to give insights into a customer’s carbon footprint of their shipments.

End-to-end logistics

Aviation customers can calculate and understand their CO2e emissions of each shipment by Service Type, Routing and Transport mode. This provides them with emissions data that’s guides and supports their sustainability strategies.

Carbon SmartTRAC interactive dashboard

Interactive dashboard

Carbon SmartTRAC provides an interactive dashboard with analysis functions, allowing customers to view trends and transport route maps. The benefits of Carbon SmartTRAC are:

  • Highly visual and dynamic charts
  • Intelligent Carbon Quote Calculator for transport related emissions data
  • Track CO2e emissions of shipments
  • Track energy consumption of inventory within B&H warehouses
  • Easy data extraction and reporting

Business intelligence

Our state-of-the-art systems have the ability to integrate with our customers technology providing real-time updates and information.

Our team has 24/7 access to timely, relevant data which enables us to understand the trajectory of shipments and report appropriately. These create time and cost savings which we pass onto our customers.

business intelligence management graph

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