Working with us

Taking careers to new heights.

B&H Worldwide is proud to employ some of the leading people in the aviation & aerospace logistics industry

We recognise that our employees are the driving force behind our key achievements and considerable effort is made by our existing team to recruit, retain and develop the ‘right’ talent for the business.

A values-based culture built on passion, pride, and empowerment

We are driven by a passion, a ‘can-do’ spirit, and a vision to be a great place to work, learn and fast-track careers in time-critical logistics.


Everyone at B&H Worldwide has influence so we highly encourage every person to:

  • Contribute and participate fully in the business
  • Help drive business and personal growth
working with us
working with us

We are committed to creating an open and inclusive environment

One where people share ideas and learn from each other. We provide numerous opportunities for:

  • Structured training and sharing of ideas
  • Cross functional development

Our company culture is respectful, open-minded and friendly. Importantly, we remember to have fun and celebrate our successes.


A workplace that is engaging and progressive

We encourage our employees to explore new avenues, to find innovative ways of working and in the process, discover the best solutions for our customers.

In short, we are a company that:

  • Promotes a positive, professional environment for career advancement
  • Value and reward people who work hard
working with us

How do I join?

We have three entry paths to joining us – find the one that’s right for you.

Experienced individuals

If you currently work in freight forwarding or the logistics sector and would like to develop your skills in time-critical logistics please take a look at our job opportunities or simply get in touch.

Graduate scheme

Our graduate scheme is a one-year programme that allows individuals to build on their relevant degree across all aspects of our business.

This is a unique opportunity giving you visibility of all departments on a rotational basis including imports, exports, warehouse & transport, customer solutions and courier operations.

We are looking for ambitious, recent graduates who are looking for a career in the logistics sector.

School leavers

If you are just finishing your school education and would like to take your first step into the dynamic and fast-moving world of time-critical logistics, then a career with B&H Worldwide will be for you.

Starting your career with B&H Worldwide means you will find yourself working within our customer-focused operations team or in our warehouse and transport team, with every role playing a part in ensuring our customers’ vital, time-critical needs are met.

We believe you’re worth more than just a salary.

Our employees are our greatest asset and at B&H Worldwide we provide a fantastic range of benefits.

Career development

B&H Worldwide are the experts in aviation & aerospace freight forwarding, so there is no better place to learn and build a career in time-critical logistics.

A family culture

Being the size we are it means that we have retained a wonderful family friendly culture which creates a great environment to work in.


Named as the world’s Best-in-Class global aerospace logistics company, and we are proud to employ some of the leading people in the industry.

Fast track advancement

Our people are our business, so we make sure that we help our employees with their development paths for those wishing to progress within their existing role or for future career development.

Travel opportunities

Being a global business means we always have various vacancies around the globe, giving you the opportunity to visit and live in those places that you’ve always desired.

Employee Assistance Program

All of our employees have access to a confidential EAP and innovative well-being resource offering support and guidance for you and your family.

Events & awards

All our offices host events regularly throughout the year including social, volunteering, and fundraising. Our annual employee awards is an opportunity for us to recognise all the good work that you do.

Refer a friend

B&H Worldwide run an employee referral scheme which means that you can make some extra cash by referring a candidate who is then subsequently employed by the company as a result of the referral.

What our employees say

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