B&H Worldwide UK mandates all electric local deliveries

B&H Worldwide UK Electric Vehicles for Deliveries

B&H Worldwide, a world leader in aerospace logistics, has further enhanced its environmental commitment by mandating that local London Heathrow collections, deliveries and corporate travel by road should be entirely electric from February 2024.

Forming a key pillar of its global social responsibility the company will initially introduce the policy at its London Heathrow headquarters. This will be followed by its hubs around the world.

Says Alan Barlow, B&H Worldwide’s Head of UK Operations: “Actions speak louder than words and we are committed not only to reducing our own carbon emissions but those of our customers too. By introducing electric vehicles into our fleet and mandating their use for all local collections and deliveries, we assist our customers in meeting their own sustainability objectives”.

The company has previously encouraged car sharing wherever possible in order to reduce the overall number of journeys, resulting in significant CO2 reductions.

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