B&H Worldwide wins BIFA Freight Service award

B&H winner 2020 supply chain management

B&H Worldwide has won the 2020 British International Freight Association (BIFA) Freight Service award for Supply Chain Management.

B&H showcased its unique services to airlines by submitting a case-study about how it implemented a complex global supply chain for an airline customer. The detailed presentation was chosen by a panel of industry logistics experts as the winner.

The BIFA panel which determines the winners cited B&H’s involvement in every aspect of the Supply Chain and its ability to integrate partners and vendors worldwide as key factors in the company winning the Supply Chain Management award. It also made mention of the efficiencies and cost savings that B&H was able to deliver to the customer.

Speaking about the win, Group Managing Director, Gary Wilson said:

“All our teams around the world should take the credit for B&H Worldwide achieving this award. Aerospace logistics is a highly specialist business which needs dedicated individuals to provide service standards which other companies can only dream of in order to keep the supply chain running. We are very proud to have won this award in a year which has been very challenging for the industry as a whole”.

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