B&H Worldwide becomes a climate positive business

climate positive business

B&H Worldwide has partnered with Earthly, a platform that connects businesses to high-quality nature-based solutions that remove carbon, restore biodiversity & support local communities.

B&H chose Earthly because it wanted to commit to long-term projects with measurable benefits rather than simply paying to offset its carbon emissions.

This commitment builds on a range of other initiatives by B&H Worldwide which has now seen it awarded two Green Apple Awards and two Green World awards for environmental practice in the distribution & logistics sector, as it strives to achieve market-leading standards for best practice in all areas where it operates.

The company has a long-term carbon reduction project which is focussed on changing working practices within the organisation to deliver a measurable environment and sustainability policy worldwide so that all stakeholders can see the year-on-year reductions it is achieving.

From the beginning of April, as part of the Earthly partnership and their commitment to being a carbon neutral business, B&H will plant a mangrove tree for every single air freight shipment they process for their customers. By investing in nature now, we can remove carbon, restore nature and help reverse climate breakdown.
Earthly is a ground-breaking platform created to give businesses an effective way to invest in nature. With Earthly, you can remove carbon, restore nature, and reverse climate change. Earthly is an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, all inspired by a vision of a planet where businesses work in partnership with nature, not against it. By investing in nature now, those joining Earthly can remove carbon, restore nature and help reverse climate breakdown. In the case of B&H, they have signed up to support three specific projects.

Says Paul Wakefield B&H Worldwide’s Group Head of Finance: “By signing up to the Earthly platform we have found projects which we believe can inspire us to further enhance our commitment to reducing the impact the work we do has on the environment.

“We pride ourselves on being a responsive, sustainable business through using environmentally sound innovative logistics solutions. Joining something which our customers can also aspire to illustrates how inclusive we want to make this. Every shipment they send with B&H can be part of the Earthly scheme.

“This is an innovative, practical and climate positive solution which the whole team is proud to have signed up to”, he adds.

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