Unlocking the complexities of measuring greenhouse gas emissions in aerospace logistics

  • Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance collaborates with B&H Worldwide to deliver dynamic reporting
  • B&H Worldwide becomes an integral part of RRPF QMS

The complexities of measuring greenhouse gas emissions are changing the mindset of leading players in aerospace logistics. With companies increasingly taking up the challenge of measuring their greenhouse gas emissions, many are recognising what a complex undertaking this can become.

To address this B&H Worldwide is collaborating with Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance (RRPF) in the delivery of a reporting solution which enables Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance to analyse and report on the carbon footprint of their freight logistics. The online tool developed by B&H enables RRPF to view insights into shipment volumes, total distance travelled, mode of transport and KG CO2e for every shipment. This means that RRPF can identify key drivers of GHG emissions, i.e. routing and mode of transport in order to inform future decision-making.

Being able to accurately measure all these areas is often a first step towards action which can be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This dynamic reporting delivers the transparency which enables B&H customers to define strategies which lead them to mitigate the carbon impact of their supply chains and at the same time accelerate their journey goal to net zero.

“B&H Worldwide and Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance have worked closely together to develop, refine and utilise our interactive reporting with a focus on understanding the GHG emissions related to the movement of used material inventory held for RRPF in the UK and Hong Kong,” says Paul Wakefield, B&H Worldwide’ s Group Head of Finance. “Our web-based, self-service, interactive dashboards enable RRPF to analyse the data insights as they require.”

That data analysis can be performed across multiple criteria including route, service level and transport mode and down to single shipment level. Areas of high carbon emissions can then be looked at alongside delivery deadlines to evaluate the options which can be taken to reduce the impact on future shipments.

Adds Rolls-Royce Partners & Finance Vice President, Business Development, Ben Hughes: “B&H Worldwide is an integral part of our Quality Management System. The insights delivered by their reports are driving our thinking around logistics and emissions activities. It is changing the mindset of the team and encouraging them to think of alternative sustainable options.”

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