B&H Worldwide shortlisted once more for a BIFA award

BIFA Award Finalist 2019

B&H Worldwide, the award-winning aerospace logistics provider, has been shortlisted for one of the UK's premier logistics trophies – a BIFA Award.

B&H Worldwide, the award-winning aerospace logistics provider, has been shortlisted for one of the UK’s premier logistics trophies. The British International Freight Association (BIFA) Awards will take place in mid-January 2020 and the top companies in each category were announced at the beginning of the month.

B&H Worldwide has been shortlisted for its submission in the Supply Chain Management category for which the company submitted a recent contract that involves B&H Worldwide leveraging its specialist aerospace capabilities to deliver a global solution to a major international airline undertaking an 18-month long refurbishment of its A380 fleet.

Proving it is so much more than a specialist forwarder service to the airline, the company is currently responsible for co-ordinating all global vendors and delivering a seamless supply chain solution enabling its aircraft to be fully refurbished and get back in the air on time and on schedule.

In a highly competitive tender against all the world’s leading multi-modal, multi-national logistics providers, B&H Worldwide was chosen by the airline for its flexible approach to the project and for its creative, problem-solving capabilities when suppliers introduced delays into the refurbishment programme.

B&H Worldwide’s ability to manage suppliers and still provide the customer with full visibility across the supply chain has been a key part of the success.

“It’s a testament to the work of all our teams around the world that our entry has been put onto the shortlist and we await the ceremony in January with keen anticipation.” says B&H Worldwide’s Group Managing Director, Gary Wilson.

The Awards will take place on January 16th 2020 in London and the event will be hosted by Paralympian and broadcaster, Ade Adepitan.

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