B&H Worldwide’s Group Financial Director presents at virtual Data Analytics Live Show

Partnership with Qlik presentation

Paul Wakefield recently shared his insights into building trust in data from using Qlik analytics software.

Paul presented his thoughts during this year’s virtual Data Analytics Live show and discussed the benefits that B&H Worldwide have experienced from utilising Qlik over the last several years.

Qlik provides an end-to-end platform which includes data integration, user-driven business intelligence and conversational analytics which have helped us to get more value out of our data.

Paul commented “Qlik Data Analytics has enabled us to bust those organisational myths, access near-time accurate information and provide user-access from all areas of the business. All these benefits drive more dynamic and timely decision-making thus delivering significant competitive advantage to B&H Worldwide.

Our users now strive to improve data integrity across the business as they have greater visibility of their data and realise how new insights assist in dialogue with our customers and drive our continuous improvement agenda across the Group.”

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