B&H Worldwide implements Jetcell storage in Singapore

B&H Worldwide is further expanding the scope of our specialist services with the introduction of JetCell storage systems at our facility in Singapore.

Modern jet engines are built using composite materials and advanced electronics and require specialist handling from experts for both storage and transportation. When stored they require very precise moisture free surroundings. The new JetCells being implemented by us feature small industrial air driers within the storage enclosure which are capable of delivering very low levels of relative humidity with a virtually maintenance free operation over long periods of time.

Two different types of JetCell have been installed meaning our Singapore facility can handle both Trent 700 and Trent XWB engines among others. The introduction means our team will be able to maintain very low levels of humidity and keep the engines in optimal conditions.

Says B&H Worldwide Group CEO, Stuart Allen: “Customers in the aerospace logistics arena are rightly demanding the highest levels of quality and care when it comes to long-term storage of their aircraft engines. With the introduction of these JetCells at our Singapore facility we are able to provide another service enhancement specifically tailored to meet their requirements and which will help to keep aircraft engines in pristine condition while they are within our facility in the Free Trade Zone at Changi”.

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