B&H Worldwide surpasses tight deadlines with AOG aircraft engine movement for NRHL

B&H Worldwide unloads Sikorsky S76 engine for NRHL

B&H Worldwide, a global leader in aerospace and aviation logistics, successfully transported an AOG mission critical aircraft engine for Northern Rescue Helicopter Ltd (NRHL), to their Whangarei Base in New Zealand.

The operation involved the swift and secure transportation of a Sikorsky S-76 engine from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Facing a stringent deadline of midday on October 16, NRHL entrusted B&H Worldwide with the time-sensitive task.

Amidst the challenges of a tight timeline and the need for a dedicated drive, B&H Worldwide demonstrated unparalleled agility. Responding promptly on a busy Friday afternoon, the logistics experts organised seamless collection and booking with the airline. Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, B&H Worldwide implemented an around the clock service to monitor and collect the engine over the weekend. The dedicated drive shipment from Auckland to Whangarei ensured the on-time delivery of the critical engine, meeting NRHL’s stringent deadline.

Michael Couchman, Engineering Manager at Northern Rescue Helicopter Ltd (NRHL), commended B&H Worldwide for their swift and efficient service, saying, “B&H Worldwide’s quick response and top-notch organisation were crucial in ensuring the success of this critical operation. Their commitment to excellence solidifies them as a trusted partner in aviation logistics.”

Lee Hedges, Station Manager of B&H Worldwide in New Zealand, added, “This achievement underscores our team’s dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions even under the most challenging circumstances. We are proud to have played a crucial role in NRHL’s mission and look forward to continuing to set the industry standard for innovative aerospace logistics.”

This successful collaboration underscores B&H Worldwide’s commitment to excellence in aerospace logistics, reinforcing its position as a leader in the aviation logistics industry.

B&H Worldwide looks forward to continuing its mission of delivering world-class solutions for the aviation industry, solidifying its reputation as a leader in innovative aerospace logistics.

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