Are you ready for Brexit?

Ready for Brexit

The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October 2019. Are you ready?

New customs rules will apply to freight traffic after Brexit. The most obvious change will be to goods travelling between the UK and EU and vice versa by road, air, sea, or tunnel that will require a Customs declaration and payment, of duty and VAT where applicable.

Organisations need to consider the following:

  • Are you able to provide commercial invoices and commodity codes for your EU/UK movements?
  • Are you VAT registered, or do you have an EORI to cover your movements between EU/UK?
  • Do you need to consider revising your Incoterms now that there is a potential duty/vat element to your exports to EU?
  • Can your haulier move goods between UK/EU under customs control?

For the movement of goods via road between EU/UK you will no longer be able to use your own trucks or local hauliers unless they are covered by a CT guarantee and move under NCTS.

The following will apply:

  • Shipments will require import and export entries.
  • Movements will have to move under customs control using NCTS. Most hauliers will not have this.
  • Arrangements will need to be made at destination to discharge the NCTS movement and clear the goods through customs.

At B&H Worldwide we are experienced in handling clearance documentation. Our expert team of freight forwarders will take care of the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth journey of your aircraft parts across the borders.

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