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B&H Worldwide has been named Best-in-Class Global Aerospace Logistics Company by the Global Institute of Logistics for a second time. Best-in-Class accreditation is only awarded to one company in each vertical market and was first achieved by B&H in 2017.

At the end of the five-year cycle recipients are re-evaluated against their peers and benchmarked to ensure they are maintaining or exceeding previous standards. CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics, Kieron Ring says: “The competitive landscape in aerospace logistics has remained largely stable over the last five years with no new significant entrants to the market. Our focus and monitoring therefore covered the same group of companies and our primary observation was of B&H’s continuing commitment to deeper sectoral expertise.

“Of particular note was the expansion of the company’s Asian footprint and its absolute loyalty to the aviation and aerospace logistics sector during the COVID-19 pandemic when many others in the field chose to pivot away from the specialism to general freight. In a sector that was so highly impacted by the pandemic, B&H demonstrated sector leading resilience”, he adds.

Commenting on the new accreditation, B&H Worldwide CEO, Stuart Allen says: “Five years on from first achieving this Best-in-Class status it is a tremendous testament to the dedication and expertise of our global team that we have once again been named Best-in Class for aerospace logistics. We are unique and we are dedicated to this highly specialist industry, so we are delighted to be awarded this title again”,

Adds Kieron Ring: “Our research shows that B&H Worldwide is one of the world’s leading independent freight forwarders.

“The company’s remarkable development story is a clear demonstration of its market-aware, customer first focus and proves that independent freight forwarders can not only survive but thrive in a global market. B&H Worldwide goes beyond industry standards in all its logistics operations and execution”, he concludes.

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