B&H Worldwide and VSE Aviation’s night of success at MRO Europe Social Networking Night

B&H Worldwide and VSE Aviation organises MRO Europe Social Networking Night 2023

B&H Worldwide is pleased to announce the success of the MRO Europe Social Networking Night 2023.

Held on the 17 October 2023 at Bierfabriek in Amsterdam, the event brought together friends and colleagues from the aviation industry, providing a dynamic platform for networking and collaboration. Hosted by B&H Worldwide and VSE Aviation, the event highlights both companies’ dedication to fostering connectivity and customer engagement within the sector.

Michael Nicholls, Global Head of Sales at B&H Worldwide, expressed his delight, stating, “B&H Worldwide is pleased with the outcome of the event and we would like to thank all our guests that took the time to join us to make the night a memorable evening. We will be facilitating future networking opportunities for colleagues in the aerospace sector in the months to come and would like to thank VSE Aviation for coming on board as our partner for this event in Amsterdam. We look forward to continuing collaboration and providing future opportunities for meaningful connections and productive dialogue within our sector.”

Niels Hendricks, Director of International Product Lines & Sales at VSE Aviation, added, “The MRO Europe Social Networking Night 2023 served as a fantastic platform for industry leaders and professionals to convene, connect, and discuss business together. VSE Aviation is proud to have partnered with B&H Worldwide to establish this avenue for engagement in the aviation and MRO industry.”

The event was immersed in a lively atmosphere, complemented by a selection of canapés and drinks. In the vibrant setting of Amsterdam, attendees made the most of the opportunity to engage in valuable conversations.

B&H Worldwide and VSE Aviation are sincerely grateful to all attendees, customers, and partners for their invaluable contributions, which paved the way for the tremendous success of their Social Networking Night 2023.

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