Anti-slavery policy and statement

B&H Worldwide group of companies is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within any part of its business and supply chain and adopts zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking and all forms of corruption and bribery directly and indirectly associated with these criminal acts.

Our policies support our approach to doing business ethically and with integrity and we expect the same standards from our suppliers.

We continue to focus on improving the effectiveness of our systems and controls to safeguard against any form of modern slavery or human trafficking.

About B&H Worldwide

B&H Worldwide provides comprehensive time critical logistics solutions for the management of aerospace components of any size and any description, anywhere in the world. We are solely dedicated to the aerospace industry.  We deliver our services via 180 employees from our strategically located offices around the globe and utilise a global network of partners and suppliers.

Our vision and values: responsibility statement

B&H Worldwide has a clear vision to be the most respected, valued, passionate and entrusted leader in global aerospace logistics.  Our core values are categorised as follows;  Customer comes First, Passion & Pride, Integrity & Professionalism, Growth through Excellence & Innovation, Empowerment and Environment & Community.

This vision and values are underpinned by a set of company policies that support our commitment to high ethical standards and doing business with integrity including;

  • This anti-Slavery Policy reinforcing our commitment to ensuring no instances of forced labour, slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain and helping our employees to identify these practices;
  • A recruitment policy which includes checks on eligibility to work in B&H Worldwide locations in order to safeguard against human trafficking or forced labour;
  • An anti-bribery policy to ensure employees and suppliers recognise the signs and implications of being open to external incentives and persuasions;
  • A whistle-blowing policy so that all employees know that they can raise a concern without reprisals;
  • An employee handbook which explains our ethical standards as an organisation and how we expect our employees to act, and;
  • A supplier code of conduct where our suppliers acknowledge our expectations with respect to ethical standards and how we expect them to act.

Our adherence to these policies is subject to regular reviews, helping us continuously improve in this area.

Supply chain

We have a significant network of suppliers whose services we rely on to meet the expectations of our customers.

During 2019 we introduced a supplier code of conduct intended to raise awareness of Modern Slavery and to ensure that our suppliers understand and acknowledge our expectations of them with respect to forced labour and modern slavery.

To ensure that we further de-risk our supply chain, we will commence a series of supplier reviews during the next 12 months, and on an ongoing basis, to ensure that we are able to identify and rectify any non-conformities in the supply chain, especially within higher risk locations.

Our plans for the future

B&H Worldwide will continue to review and improve the processes, policies and behaviours within the B&H Worldwide group to ensure there is no forced labour or human trafficking in our business or supply chain.

We believe that there is a low risk of human slavery or forced labour within our direct workforce, but the risk in our supply chain may be more significant as we continue to grow our business.

We intend to take the following steps to further educate our employees and understand the risk in our supply chain.

  • Ensure employee induction plans include Modern Slavery Act and policy training
  • Ensure all existing employees trained appropriately
  • Expand adherence to our Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Begin existing Supplier audits to ensure adhering to Supplier Code of Conduct and implement remediation actions where required.
  • Implement enhanced new supplier process and checklist.

Our existing practices plus the actions highlighted above will continue to raise awareness of the importance of B&H Worldwide places on its commitment to ensuring there is no forced labour or human trafficking in our business or supply chain.

Everyone in our business is encouraged to report any concerns regarding slavery and/or human trafficking in accordance with our whistle-blowing policy.

This statement is made in accordance with section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and was approved by the Board of Directors.

Gary Wilson
Managing Director

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